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Here is how D & R Drain Services can unblock common occurrences from your drains:


Grease and debris...


As well as dealing with day-to-day waste from your household, your drain also has to deal with things such as debris from gutters, gardens as well as silt.


Solution to this type of problem: High Pressure Drain Jetting


High pressure drain jetting helps clear drains and is a reliable and cost-effective method for removing your drain blockage fast. D & R Drain Services offer regular drain maintenance to private homes and businesses all throughout Ruislip, Middlesex and surrounding areas. Having your drains cleaned on a more somewhat routine basis can prevent problems from occurring in the future. Taking this approach contributes considerably to savings on cost over the long-term.



Build up of hard matter in drains...


This type of drain problem is caused due to hard water areas. Hard water is formed when water filtrates through minerals of calcium and magnesium-containing minerals that are found in limestone, chalk as well as dolomite.


Solution: Drain De-scaling


Scale can often build up on the inside of the drain pipes as a result of the quality of water that passes through the drainage system, by de-scaling them you can help avoid the possibility of blockages that can occur.

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Surface ground water...


Surface water is grey water that is unable to drain away from the property. This occurrence can happen for a number of reasons. Depending on where the surface water is present heavy rain can flood a drain and also accumulate debris which has made its way into the drain and gutters.


Solution: CCTV Drain Survey


When drains have become blocked and the cause of the blockage is unclear, D & R Drain Services will use the latest CCTV technology to diagnose the problem. After placing a specialised camera down

the drain and through thorough inspection D & R Drain Services will carry out the necessary procedure to resolve the particular issue.



Blocked Drains...


When drains are blocked because of tree roots etc, removing the roots from the drains is the first method of control to allow the water to pass freely.


Solution: Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning


This is an alternative method to jet cleaning drains. Acting as a bore or drill this method of unblocking drains is effective in the case of roots of plants and trees that make their way to water resulting in cracks and blockages to drains. With electro-mechanical drain cleaning most blockages can be dealt with effectively.



D & R Drain Services offer a 24 hour emergency call out service across Ruislip and throughout Middlesex, which include:


High pressure drain jetting

Drain de-scaling

CCTV drain surveys

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